2005 - Blended profile
46 cm x 46 cm Acrylic on canvas

A square canvas with regularly spaced acrylic lines, multiply-coloured, on a yellow background and with red and white drips going in opposite directions, sometimes colliding in a centre field.

This painting is a precise moment in my life: it was inspired by the precise set of circumstances I was experiencing at the moment of its creation.  I was living in Singapore when I made this picture and was very conscious of the great multiculturalism there, but at the same time homesick for Australia and the ability to walk around outside without dying from humidity.  The colours are the colours of the beach, of people, of the sky and the ocean.  I was thinking of the feeling we all have, we all like going to the beach and going outside for a walk even though we are all different and have different trajectories in life.  Not everyone wants to or can follow the same path.


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